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Live Life To The Fullest With
BHR Pellet Therapy

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the supplementation of hormones including testosterone in males and estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in females. Hormone replacement comes in many different forms including creams, pills, injections, and pellets. There are synthetic forms of hormone replacement and natural forms of hormone replacement. Natural hormones are also known as Bio-Identical hormones meaning that they are the same chemical structure as the hormones that humans naturally produce. The hormone pellets are not only natural, but they are by far, the most efficient means to bring about optimal physiological levels of hormones in the body.


Is it safe?

Bio-Identical hormones are very safe. There is much confusion that exists about whether hormone replacement therapy is safe. The reason this exists is because of some of the poor side effects from synthetic medications. Synthetic medications have been shown to increase the risk of cancers, blood clots, and other blood disorders. Studies show that a 60-70% reduction in breast cancer is seen with people on Bio Identical Hormone Pellets and that risk of other cancers and

heart disease is lowered. Like any procedure,

the insertion of the pellets has minimal risks

including infection, bleeding and pain. 


What are pellets?

Hormone pellets are the most effective way

to replace testosterone and estrogen. They

are smaller than the side of a Tic Tac and are

inserted under the skin near the hip via a

small, in-office procedure. Your body uses

them just as you would use hormones through

normal blood flow. Unlike other forms of

hormones including pills, injections, and

creams, the hormone pellets will create stable

levels that do not fluctuate up and down.

\Thus, symptoms and health benefits will be constant. Hormone pellets have been used for over 75 years but are less popular as their use is not driven by pharmaceutical companies. They are  made from yam and steraic acid which is a natural compound made by the body and dissolves as the pellet dissolves. 


What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy? 

Most people love bio-identical hormone pellet therapy because they feel amazing on them. Many symptoms of low hormones improve which includes energy, libido, mood, and the quality of life. Hormone replace therapy has long-lasting, anti-aging benefits. Not only do people feel much better with hormone replacement therapy but the hormones are protective for the heart,  brain, bones, and against breast/uterine and prostate cancer. Studies show that optimal levels of hormones over time will lower cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease , Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. In fact, people who do pellets can expect to increase their bone mineral density by 8.3% each year. 


Pellet Insertion

Through a simple procedure, the pellets are inserted just under  the skin of the hip/buttock region. This procedure takes about 15 minutes for females and 20 minutes for males. The incision usually heals in 5-7 days. Results will usually be seen in 1-3 week although some people notice a difference in a couple of days. A rare few do not have improvement until the 2nd pellet insertion. After 6 weeks of the initial insertion labs are redrawn and a follow-up appointment occurs to make sure levels are optimal, and that you symptoms are improving. Pellets usually last 3-5 months for females and 5-6 months for males.

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