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About Us


About Health Innovations

We truly love our patients. ❤️


Helping to put the puzzle pieces of medicine and your healthcare together has always been a dream and lifelong goal of Jenni’s!


Being able to give back to the community, help people feel better, and provide healthcare in a way that shows how much we truly care is a goal we strive to meet each and every day with everyone we see. We want our patients to truly know our motto is not about the quantity of our patients but the quality of care given!


We are so excited to be able to provide this atmosphere and setting as well as provide a vast array of services all in one place. We would love to see how we could help to improve your health, help you feel good about yourself inside and out, and have you be a part of our Health Innovations Family.


Call to schedule your appointment today (208) 417-8842! We look forward to not only meeting, but seeing how we can help you feel, look, and be the best you! ❤️

Providing you with the best care

Jenni Sanderson

Rachel Baker
Office Manager  
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